Midge Fly and The End of The World

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Paperback, 153 x 230 mm, 480 pages, English

Midge Fly and The End of The World

A tale of adventure, friendship, space, time, ingenuity, the possible end of the world, and an 8-foot greenish alien. Oh, and Elvis, of course.

The book tells the story of 14-year-old schoolboy Midge Fly of London, U.K., who accidentally finds himself in possession of a UPS (Universal Positioning System) unit which enables its holder to travel across time, space, and dimensions. The UPS, also a highly advanced, though somewhat prissy, hand-held tablet computer, informs Midge that he is the only one who can save Earth from imminent destruction, and reluctantly Midge sets off along with his best friend, Stick, to do so.

The tale follows Midge and Stick as the UPS takes them through space and dimensions in a race against time and a struggle against a host of obstacles and opponents. Along the way a number of plots unfold and interweave in unexpected ways, following pro- and antagonists as they move their separate ways towards the ultimate goal. Finally, Midge and Stick manage to save the world by such simple means as perseverance, common sense, and a pocket flashlight.

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3 anmeldelser af Midge Fly and The End of The World

  1. James Field

    If you enjoyed ‘Hitch hikers guide to the…’, read this book immediately – in my opinion, this book is better! This is one of those science fiction novels where the universe isn’t a big enough arena. This novel spreads across multi-universes and time as if a trip to a far distant planet, or the past, or the future, is as easy and accessible as a stroll down the lane to the neighbour. Sounds unlikely? Well, it isn’t, not the way Ruben Fønsbo explains the principles and theories of time and space. He makes it sound so simple even mother would understand. But this isn’t a story about dry physics, this is a succulent tale about aliens and unsuspecting humans all caught up in an imaginative plot that kept me turning the pages from start to finish. This is a fun read, far superior to most other books in this genre.

  2. Leah Broadby

    Quite simply put, this is brilliant. This is modern-day Douglas Adams for a younger audience. Having said that, there are plenty of tasty tidbits in ‘Midge Fly and the End of the World’ that adults would enjoy too. Especially adults who love technology. ‘Midge Fly and the End of the World’ is smart and engaging, with strong characters and a truck-load of humour.

  3. Bradley Darewood

    The back and forth rhythm of the dialogue is entertaining, as is the back and forth between storylines. The writer does a great job of maintaining an appropriate sense of anticipation, not too little, not too much, as the reader explores the story and its entertaining facets. It all gives the narrative an effortless feel: a read that’s an exceedingly enjoyable escape. Reading this was a joy, as reading should be, and it’s that sort of exemplary writing that we need to bring young people into the literary fold. If we want to get them to get off twitter and Instagram long enough to read a book, this is the book to do it.

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